Jill Craig

January 19, 2000

Post #1028 – 20000119

Hey Daniel,

I love your books and didn’t realize you’ve written so many. I found your web site by accident. A real serendipity! Every year I read Lizard Music to my third grade class. They love it and it makes them think. One year we even had a Lizard Music day with three grades. What fun! We made thunder cakes, had lizard juice, and made a Memory House and the House of Egg. The kids and teachers had a blast.

Do you have any recommendations for other books suitable for third grade? They liked Fat Men From Space.

Thanks for your time.

Jill Craig

Daniel replies:

I long ago gave up trying to figure out what books are suitable for what age. I would write something I was certain no one under 14 would appreciate, and I'd get intelligent letters from 8-year-olds. And then there are full-fledged adults who like the picture books. It's beyond me.