Jo Yanow-Schwartz

January 18, 2000

Post #1025 – 20000118

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

I am writing for my neice, Tacora Wood, who is eight years old. We listen to your readings on a local PBS sation Friday evenings. She has no parents;and wishes that she “had a grandfather just like you.”

Are there tapes of your telling your stories? The local radio station didn’t think so but I imagine they are misinformed. If I am correct, you might contact WMHT (Albany or Schenectady?) and tell them the scoop.

If you could respond to the youngster on this email, that would be wonderful. And, we look forward to the information about your recordings. I also know very little about your books. Can you supply a book list?

Your work is wonderful and I thank you.


Jo Yanow-Schwartz

Daniel replies:

This is what you do. Maybe your radio, or home stereo has a cassette deck built-in. Or you might consider buying such a radio. (They can be quite inexpensive at local discount stores). Buy some cassettes that are 60 minutes in length, (30 minutes on a side). You can record Chinwag Theater right off the radio. We can't offer tapes for sale at this time. But anybody can record off the air. Makes a nice project for you and your niece, don't you think?