Gerry Gray

January 9, 2000

Post #1012 – 20000109

Hi from London, Canada. I’m a 52 year old dad who discovered I was enjoying your books every bit as much as our kids (for whom we began purchasing them something like 15 years ago). My wife loves your stuff too, and the kids, now 18 and 15, are still enjoying your books. In fact, all four of us have already read your latest, The Education of Robert Nifkin, which arrived as a Christmas gift. While waiting our turn to read Nifkin, the rest of us started rereading some of your older books and (re)enjoyed them immensely. The best word I can find to describe what you write would be “delicious”! (Your description of Chicago in Chapter 6 of Robert Nifkin is a case in point.)

I haven’t had a chance to look around this web-site, so forgive me if the answers to my questions are already here, but some of the things I’d be interested to know about you would be:

  • where you live
  • how old you are
  • what other occupations you’ve had besides writing
  • if you have children
  • what your interests are
  • what kind of music you like
  • what your spiritual side believes
  • what you read
  • how you came to have your picture taken with Kurt Vonnegut
  • if, instead of an autograph, you’d be kind enough to sign the

    Guestbook for our baseball team, the Mud Dogs. Here’s the address:

Many thanks. Keep up the wonderful work. It’s brought a lot of people a lot of pleasure.

Daniel replies:

I assume you meant for me to choose one question, and answer it. I choose the one about how did I come to have my picture taken with Kurt Vonnegut. Answer: He was sitting right there. What would you have done?