January 5, 2000

Post #1009 – 20000105

O Mr. Pinkwater –

I just finished re-reading “Fat men from space” for the fifth time, for the first time in probably six years – and it is so good I am passing it on to my niece, in hopes she will discover the pleasures and perils of junk food. Her father is a chef, a very good chef, but I think there is an Oreo deficit to her diet, the chocolates not cheesy enough to gobble, the hamburgers a little too lean, and I don’t think she has been exposed to Gyros and onions at all !!

Seriously (if that’s appropriate), your prose is so clean, so deceptively effortless – I’ve read everything I can get my hands on – Thanks for all the good work.

I appreciate the opportunity to tell you how I feel.

Take care.


Daniel replies:

And I appreciate someone mentioning that I write clean prose, (after 30 years!). Getting cleaner too.