Andrea Moore

February 27, 2020

Please, Will We Hear More from Mrs. Noodklekugel and Company?

My son and I adore the Mrs. Noodklekugel series and wonder if we might hear more from these wonderful characters.  Thanks very much!

Daniel replies:

No, I think that's all. People think authors can just write whatever they want, and it gets published. That may be true for some superstar types, but the likes of me have to get a publisher to agree. Publishers are companies, usually part of some corporation, and as such they are fairly dumb. I hardly pay attention, and may be remembering wrong, but I think the word on the Noodlekugel books was, "We don't want any more, but we would be happy to look at something just as good." So  I just forgot about doing any more business with them. Notwithstanding, I keep getting letters from some department at the publisher congratulating me on the second, third, fourth, fifth printing of one or another of the Noodlekugels. So the books seem to be selling, but within the company one department doesn't know what the other one is doing. This is very common to my experience. Years ago, I had a book with another publisher and for a couple of years the head of their sales department told me over and over, "What a good book, such a shame it is not selling at all." The whole time I knew from reports from another department that it was their best-selling title throughout the company. Keep this email for the day when your son asks you to explain capitalism and why we don't have it any more.

I am writing some other books! When you hear of one, grab a copy before it goes out of print.