Helena, at least among the lizards

February 10, 2024

Lizard Music sequel?

I recall some talk of a sequel to Lizard Music, and possibly also that publishing companies, being terrible, were insufficiently interested in it. I wonder if you (or webmaster Ed??) would ever consider crowdfunding? The internet is often dumb and destructive but it does really excel at getting a lot of nostalgic people to support art projects. I know a nontrivial number of people who would be delighted to contribute to such an effort. (I know you may have already considered this idea and decided against it for plenty of very valid reasons, but just in case you hadn’t!)

Daniel replies:

Doesn't BUSHMAN LIVES! end with the characters setting out for the island? And I was planning a book to be called WILD PARAKEET INN which was going to take place on Skolnick Island (which may have turned out to be the lizard island) but Tachyon Publications, currently the only publisher I appear to be able to get, and a very nice publisher it is,  decided to shut down doing children's books, (which mine, nominally are...incidentally, are you a child? I thought not), so that project is undoable, and I'm about to sign with them to do an autobiography, to which I say, who would possibly be interested, but it's a gig, and I have a life, so why not? Categorization is the hobgoblin of something or other. I'm afraid crowdfunding might disappoint or depress me, and I am terrible at math and careful record-keeping.