March 7, 2024

Inventor of the Celluloid Button-Making Machine

I was listening to your reading of Borgel for the gazillionth time, and I got to wondering: is it actually true that the inventor of the first celluloid button-making machine was named Matthias Klopmeister, and was it really invented in 1883, and if so, where can I find this information? There seems to be no record online of Matthias Klopmeister, or a button-making machine of any kind invented in 1883.

Daniel replies:

You bring up a nice point about my proclivities and practices as a writer. It's generally known, that much of my composition takes place while I am sleeping, in a state of meditative trance, or watching cartoons and movies on television. It is not automatic writing because I still have to operate the keyboard manually, though I have high hopes for automatic intelligence improving the process. Now, the nice point is, some things I write turn out to be perfectly true, others not. I have no conscious memory of knowing anything about the history of celluloid button manufacture or anyone named Matthias Klopmeister, which does not mean the reference in a book of mine may not be accurate. And now I ask you: Why have you read BORGEL a gazillion times, as you claim, when there are so many other books, many of them by me, possibly containing the answer, or a hint at the answer, to your interesting question?