Bob J. Owen

September 24, 2019

Just a quick personal thanks for Mister Pinkwater.

I just wanted to let you know that not only was The Afterlife Diet one of the neatest and most original stories I’ve ever read but also helped me out a lot. I’ve never been fat until I was. Now not only am I middling vain but my knees hurt and I had to take a deep breath in before I tied my shoes because I couldn’t breath when bending over like that. Well I knew I had to slim up a bit. And that particular book inspired me to taper off of fatty foods instead of going cold turkey and subsisting off health foods like cold turkey. The thing is it’s worked and I’ve been able to maintain a comfortably chubby physique. That’s a big deal.  Oh and seriously it’s a great book that I try and get every consumer of printed words that are laid out in some esoteric order to be translated into some kind of tale or fable, but it also changed my life in a really significant way. I am sure you get messages like this frequently, but I hope each time you feel the pride you should in full and without unnecessary neurosis!

Daniel replies:

Wait a minute! Do you mean there are people whose knees don't hurt, and don't have to take a deep breath before tying their shoes? Damn! Are you sure about this?