June 9, 2022


Years Back – listening to NPR – I heard a broadcast by D.P. In it he said something to the effect of …

This is it – I am going to give you the secret. You get a space where you can work and not be disturbed. You go there for an hour each day to work on your project. The deal is that you work on the project for the set time – or do nothing at all – nothing else, for the given time period.

I have practiced (my own version of) this and I find it Very helpful and a great practice.

I have also tried to find it online and listen again and even share it – but I cannot find it!

Can you tell me where to find this cool creativity boost or am I just imagining all of this? Can you tell me where to listen to or read what you have to say about the creative process or whatever you call it?

thanks – especially if you help! (ps – so how do I prove that I am not a ‘spambot’ or that if I am that I am a spambot interested in creative thinking?


Daniel replies:

I don't call it the creative process. I don't call it anything at all. Also, unless the NPR commentary to which you refer is in FISHWHISTLE, or CHICAGO DAYS HOBOKEN NIGHTS, or HOBOKEN FISH AND CHICAGO WHISTLE, which is a bindup of the two collections, then I have no idea where you might find it, but you seem to remember the idea quite well.