Leopold Trout

May 28, 2022

a letter from a fan

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I’ve been a big fan of your work as long as I could read (Alan Mendelsohn is one of my favorites, and I am currently looking to purchase a brass moon potato of my own), and I felt it was right to send you a message of thanks for writing the books that influenced my sense of humor so much. I believe the first book of yours that I ever read was Blue Moose, originally introduced to me by my mother at the age of seven, with Fat Men from Space, the Magic Moscow trilogy, and the rest of her collection quickly following. Now, after aging another nine years, I’m as big a fan as ever, but I am still left with this question: where exactly was Borgel’s Old Country?

Greatest regards,

Leopold Trout

Daniel replies:

It was originally a province of the Even Older Country, and borders on the Fairly New Country. Don't they teach geography in school any more?