July 14, 2022

An earnest Thank You

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I recently began a new job as a public library technician, where, shock of all shocks, I deal with a lot of books.
The children’s summer reading program is now in full swing, and I noticed recently the name Daniel Pinkwater coming up quite a lot in our holds. I swore I’d heard the name before, but it was eluding me…

Then it hit me- one of the first books I remembered reading in my elementary school library was The Hoboken Chicken Emergency!

Looking into your bibliography, I realized how much of an impact your work has made on my life, from my awakening as a bookworm to one of my mom’s less favorite years teaching 8th grade English (no hard feelings).

I’m currently working toward a degree in library science, and it feels as if you, like all the authors I loved as a kid, have been part of this journey with me, in a way. So I’d just like to send my thanks and well regards.

Have a good summer!


Daniel replies:

Had it not been for librarians, library science majors, library assistants who ordered books of mine, recommended them, reviewed them, sometimes honored them, matched my books with the likely needs and tastes of specific library clients, I would have had no career, no reputation, and no income. I didn't become a writer in order to have a career, and the career I've had is not  as big as that of some commercial writers, but I didn't want to be a writer like that. I am very proud of my readers, people for whom the things I write have a special meaning, and for the most part those people were exposed to my work by....you guessed it, librarians! So...you're thanking ME?