Fellow Up-stater

July 20, 2022

A pleasant surprise

As an avid car talk listener, when a man named Daniel Pinkwater called in – I would immediately turn the volume up. If not to hear a hilarious car related issue – perhaps to learn a new vocabulary word. After a book recommendation via YouTube became a house favorite (the big orange splot) – imagine my surprise to find that it was the very funny fellow up-state New Yorker and Car talk celebrity that is also the writer of a story with a very important lesson. Just wanted to say thank you from Albany.

Daniel replies:

I live in the mid-Hudson Valley, which is not generally regarded as upstate New York. I think there may be some debate as to whether Albany is upstate. I like Albany, and used to think of moving there someday, which would have been going in an upstate direction if not to a place actually so designated. I miss Click and Clack. They used to pay me for those appearances in cheap cigars, often stale along with cheap, but they were fun to work with.