Christopher Davies

June 12, 2024

Alan Mendlesohn was a good friend

Hi Daniel,

When I was a skinny little eleven-year-old kid failing to meet friends in a new school, I learned to hide in the library. Nobody could be mean to me in there, because librarians are superheroes dedicated to protecting the sort of kids they used to be. One of the first books I picked up was Alan Mendlesohn, The Boy From Mars. 

I read it many times.

Just like Leonard, I wanted a friend and eventually managed to find one. I still liked to pretend that I had a secret Martian friend as well. (Of course I never smoked a brandy-soaked cigar or made an Omega Meter play Jingle Bells, although I did call my mom’s chili Green Death.) When I left that school in 1988 on my way to 8th grade at the big scary high school, I was able to take a few books with me. Alan made the cut (I think Crisis on Conshelf 10 was the only other one I could grab)

Now I’m 50, and have three kids. While cleaning out a room in my house, I found Alan hiding in a box of old school stuff. My kids are now the right age, so I’ll start reading it to them this weekend.

I just wanted to thank you for writing such great books for kids like me, ancd let you know that your older books are still making their way to children today.



Daniel replies:

You'd think, me being such a great author with so many books written, that a post like this would be routine, and I'd be long past smiling all over my face and feeling my ears vibrate when I read it. But in fact I am delighted a book of mine meant something to a kid like you were. I do have to mention that a book has no utility until someone reads it, and a dull reader would get nothing from a book a reader like you could bring imagination and smarts to. So we're both to be complimented.