Marcin Dolecki

March 26, 2018

A fantasy novel about famous philosophers

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,


I’m a philosopher, chemist, and historian of chemistry (PhD).
I live in Poland.
I’m the author of Philosopher’s Crystal
(publication date of the second edition: 25 July 2017, Montag Press, USA). The
main characters – living under a totalitarian regime – travel in time and talk
with famous thinkers.
I sent my book to some scholars, journalists and
I could send an e-book to you (the second
edition) – if you are interested.

I posted some opinions on my blog:


Kind regards,

Marcin Dolecki

Daniel replies:

I am afraid I must decline your kind offer. I am unable to look at, or comment on, unpublished works. Good luck with the book, it sounds like a very good one.