Pinkwater soup recipe

I go to the produce section, the one at the good market. I select:
a green pepper,
a red pepper,
a yellow pepper,
an orange pepper,
one or two of those curly gnarly peppers,
a couple little hot peppers.

Then I take
a little handful of snow peas,
a little handful of sugar peas,
same thing with string beans,
3 or 4 nice tomatoes,
a zucchini or two,
some white button mushrooms,
some crimini mushrooms,
some shitake mushrooms,
a leek,
some swiss chard, or kale, or spinach, or some other greens,
some little baby carrots,
celery dill,

Then I get some chicken backs or other chicken parts. Sometimes I get those boxes of chicken broth to make the broth brothier. Jill throws the chicken backs into water or boxed broth with some celery and carrots, and cooks that up. Then she strains out the chicken bones and exhausted carrots and celery, and we dump in all the veggies, which have been cut up. Usually Jill dumps a ladleful of fancy spaghetti sauce in too. Soup! We eat it day after day, and then we make more.

Not only does this soup taste good, not only is it spectacularly nutritious, it is also cheap, feeds the two of us for a whole week, and means we can prepare a meal in 5 minutes, (heating and making some nice toast). It is also addictive, which means that far from getting tired of it, one craves it. I think I have explained this before on this very website.