Sharon Sherrard

April 5, 2020

Wuggie Norpal

Hello, Mr. Pinkwater!  My kids absolutely loved The Wuggie Norpal Story, as did the kids at the elementary school where I was the librarian and reading teacher for 15 years.  My copy has gone missing and we are all broken-hearted!  Why has it never been reissued?  The prices for used copies are completely nuts, and I’m pretty sure you are not getting even a cut of that money! Re-publish, re-publish!!

Daniel replies:

It's funny. People think it's up to me, the author, to republish things. It's not. It's up to publishers, which are mostly part of corporations and therefore sort of dumb. I would love to see The Wuggie Norple Story republished, especially as we have just lost the wonderful illustrator, Tomie DePaola. It might even be a smart thing to do. Think it will happen?