Allie Oop Wilmot

November 19, 2018

Where did your extraterrestrial inspiration come from?

Daniel Pinkwater!

I’ve never written to an author before because I’ve never liked an author as much as I like you. I’ve got an ample (and growing!) Pinkwater collection in my personal library that is kept next to my bed, so I am always close to my much loved books. Thanks to my ‘4 Fantastic Novels’ I see your face everyday, and it makes me smile!

I lived the first 28 (ish) years of my life in Arizona. I never liked it. As soon as I could, I escaped to Brisbane, Australia. But now, when I read your books, I wish I could’ve grown up in New Jersey. I think I could’ve made a decent Hoboken girl!

It would be hard for me to pinpoint a favourite from your books, because I’m very fond of all of them; but I have a special place in my heart for ‘The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death’ because I listened to the audiobook. I was thrilled to discover that you narrated it. I enjoyed listening to it and ‘The Baconburg Horror’ immensely. I listened to them with my kids and they also got a big kick out of them. 

Just the other night before bed, I was reading ‘Looking for Bobowicz’. That night in my dreams, I was hilarious — I was saying and doing the silliest things, and I blame you and your zany characters. The whole world needs a Pinkwater supplement! The whole world, including any extraterrestrial visitors 😉  …..

… which makes me wonder… have YOU ever had or witnessed any sort of extraterrestrial experience? Seen a ufo? Dated a beautiful space babe? Heard first hand accounts of missing potato pancakes? Hitched a ride and ended up in another universe? Found your parallel cat self? I would love to hear what inspired your fantastic brain to include this paranormal activity in your stories. 

I wanted to send you a physical letter, but this message will have to do. But please know in all sincerity that you’ve improved my quality of life. Thank you for being you. 

Allie Oop 

Daniel replies:

I don't usually make a big deal about this sort of thing, because I'm a snob and don't want to be confused with normal authors who are all the time looking for love and approval, (I am not...I was trained and educated to regard ability to do the work as its own reward), but I have to say getting a full-strength fan-e-mail from a female named Allie Oop puts quite a smile on my toothless old face. Had you grown up in New Jersey, and had you become a decent Hoboken girl, and had our paths crossed, I could then say I had met a decent Hoboken girl, of which I am sure there are many, just I never met one. And I love Arizona, but I can see how you might not have liked it, growing up there. It is often like that, which is why it's lucky there's Australia. In reply to your ridiculous question, this is an interplanetary adventure, I mean this, I mean all of this, I mean the whole thing...where did you think we were, and what do you think we're taking a ride on? Thank you for taking time to write to me. A reader like you makes me think it has been almost worthwhile.