dennis Jacquette

February 24, 2018

What is apple jacquette?

Hi Mr. Pinkwater, I own a bakery outside of Philadelphia,PA called Jacquette’s bakery (It is my real last name) . Over the last few years, I have had emails from teachers around the country that are using your Blue Moose books in school, asking if I have any idea what “apple jacquette” is. It’s nice that they are reading your books , even though the “gingerbread” is recommended over the “apple jacquette “. So I was wondering the same thing. Is “apple jacquette ” a real thing or just mythical dessert which would then obviously be calorie free( a nice selling feature, but…)?

 Thank you for your time,

Dennis Jacquette

Jacquette’s Bakery

Daniel replies:

Maitre Jacquette.  I am old, and my memory fails me, but I am pretty sure that apple jaquette describes an apple wearing a little coat or jacket.  This would be an apple in a cold or chilly climate, and an affluent apple.  (You will have noticed that very few apples can afford garments.)  Or, it might conceivably be some sort of dessert or confection--I vaguely recall being offered apple jaquette in some restaurant or cafe, but of course I opted for gingerbread with fresh cream.  For your further information, I have written a book, about the length of BLUE MOOSE, set entirely in, and all about, a bakery!  Many specialties are mentioned in the text, but none with apple or jacket.  I am waiting for some publisher to express interest.