R.T. Allan

May 31, 2023

What inspirations are left?

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

As a kid, my dad read me Lizard Music, which had been one of his favorites as a kid. It completely changed my outlook on things, and I read every book of yours that I could get my hands on, over and over. I want to thank you for that. It got me through so very much, and I still snark out pretty often. 

A bunch of the places which you drew inspiration from are long gone, like say, blueberry park. Are there any which are still there and can be enjoyed? Also, in your effort to confuse librarians, will the arrangements of your name ever become altogether incoherent, like “D. Manus P.”? 

With great appreciation, R.T.A. 

Daniel replies:

It is not the place that inspires, it is one's capacity to take inspiration from places, sites, views, things, bagels. And the capacity to take inspiration is just a matter of being willing. And I am pretty sure the park that inspired Blueberry Park still exists, doesn't it?