August 12, 2023

What human band comes closest to making lizard music?

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

First, I’d like to say thank you! I’ve been reading your books since I was very young and it’s safe to say they’ve had a greater and more positive influence on how I see the world than those of any other author. My first book of yours was Lizard Music. In fact, I started a band a few years ago with the explicit goal of making the kind of music I’ve always imagined the lizard band playing in that book. Of all the human music you’re familiar with, is there a particular artist or group that you think comes the closest to making lizard music? Any additional hints or suggestions would be welcome.

thank you!


Daniel replies:

I regret, I am not sufficiently familiar with human music to come up with an answer. It may be for you to tell me.