December 3, 2020

The Big Orange Splot


My name is Alejandra Crismai, I live in Argentina and I work as an English teacher with 2nd formers in Bayard School.

We are about to read this book of yours and it would be amazing if we could have  news from you to share with the kids. It could be some words or a Google Meet . Sorry, I´m being too enthusiastic about the idea.

We would be very greatful if you could consider any kind of contact.


P.S Happy birthday!!

Ms. Alejandra Crismai

Daniel replies:

Hello 2nd formers! I hope you like my book, The Big Orange Splot. It is a true story....almost. Well, all the things that happen in the story are made-up, but the rest is true. I wrote that book when I was living away from my home for a short time, and I was staying on a "neat street." I had not brought my professional artist's drawing things with me, so I went to the pharmacy and bought some cheap markers, and a cheap drawing pad. I sent the story and the drawings to a publisher. I hoped they would make it into a book, but I expected they would ask me to draw the pictures again with better art supplies. Instead, they published the drawings I had sent, the ones with the cheap markers on cheap paper. More than a million copies have been sold! I have written other books, some illustrated with better markers.