April 23, 2019

Thank you

I met you in the late 1980s when you came to visit my school in Cleveland, Ohio. Good to find your website. Thank you for writing books I enjoyed as  kid.

Daniel replies:

In those days, when I used to go around doing personal appearances, I got the most fan mail from Ohio, and went there, particularly to Cleveland, more than any other place. Even when it was another destination in Ohio, I would get off the train in Cleveland or nearby Elyria and make connections. When I was in high school, in Chicago, I went along with slightly older kids on car trips to Cleveland to take friends to Case Tech and Western Reserve University, and pick them up, with their possessions, when they flunked out. When I went to college, I was on many more car trips between Chicago, and New York State, always stopping in Cleveland to eat hamburgers, and drink the low-alcohol 3.2 beer which was legal for underage people. I have been in the art museum in Cleveland more than once, and was a fan of the Cleveland Orchestra under George Szell. Also Cleveland is the only city in which I have eaten fried mush, which is not offered in restaurants in many other places. So, while I do not remember you by name, I have fond memories of our time together.