July 21, 2020

Teacher fired in Education of Robert Nifkin?


Love your books. I recently read Education of Robert Nifkin, then convinced my mom to. We were both wondering about the same thing- towards the end it’s mentioned that a female teacher is fired. I don’t have the book in front of me, but the message is very much like “obviously she was fired, because of her actions from earlier”. Or something. We were wondering why she was fired. My mom thought there must have been a whole subplot where she seduced one of the characters or something, that got cut. Was this what happened? Or something wildly different?



Daniel replies:

 also get questions like, "Did the character in your book grow up, meet a nice person, get married, and have children, also how many?" It's a book. It's fun to imagine the characters are real people and have a life beyond what the book tells, but as the author I'm only responsible for what I wrote. Nothing got cut, it's all self-contained, and it's not for me to locate the sentence or phrase or reference or colloquialism, or pun, or description that you and your mom may have missed, or misunderstood, or just at that moment there was someone at the door, or the microwave went ding. However, I will generously tell you that the female teacher in the book was fired because her mother had insulted the principal when they were both children, growing up in Michigan, and the principal had nursed a grudge, however the fired teacher was offered a job in a first-class school in a very nice suburb, with a substantial increase in salary, rented a lovely little house, loved her new job, met a wonderful person and got married.