Phil from Cincinnati

July 7, 2018

Sight Seeing advice

Hi! My family and I are huge fans of your books. My favorite is Alan Mendelsohn, my wife’s is Bad Bear Detectives, my daughter’s is Wuggie Norple, and my son’s is Irving and Muktuk: Two Bad Bears.

We will be passing through the Hudson Valley on the weekend of July 27th. Are there any monuments or museums dedicated to the Pinkwaters that we can view? Are the Pinkwaters greeting their public anywhere that weekend?

Thanks, Phil

Daniel replies:

One of the reasons we like living in this part of the Hudson Valley is that there are no monuments or museums dedicated to us, in fact 99.9% of locals deny having ever heard of us.  We find this restful.  However at the other end of the Hudson River you will find the quaint and charming village of Hoboken, long our spiritual home.  There you will see many expressions of pride in us Pinkwaters, mostly executed in chalk on the pavement.  We regret we will not be available for greeting on the weekend you cite.  I have visited Cincinnati, and thought it was an excellent city.