February 18, 2018


Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Firstly, thank you for sharing your sense of humor with the world. I’ve been enjoying your work since the late 1970s (I hope that doesn’t make you feel as old as it does me).

Anyway… I recall reading somewhere at some time that you were writing a sequel to LIZARD MUSIC (a novel which happens to be one of my all-time favorites). Did anything ever come of that? I recently read the book to my son and he immediately wanted to know what happened next. Until he’d asked, I’d never even considered the thought.

Thanks again and I hope all is well in your part of the Universe.


– Joe

Daniel replies:

BUSHMAN LIVES! that is a sort of sequel, also a sequel to THE NEDDIAD, THE YGGYSSEY, and ADVENTURES OF A CAT-WHISKERED GIRL.  Also, I may someday write THE SKOLNIK ISLAND BEACH CLUB, which would be a sequel to BUSHMAN LIVES! These books are all a bit older than LIZARD MUSIC, but then, so am I.