November 28, 2019

representations in ‘The Big Orange Splot’

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

I have decided to contact you directly as there are limited resources analysing “The Big Orange Splot”, I am researching this book as part of an advanced english task for senior year, particularly examining the books representation of the human experiences, the struggle of adversity and self discovery. After hours of research I can not seem to understand the symbolic nature of the crescent moon and its tendency to change from gold to black, the crocodile which eventually is positioned upside down, the women painted onto the house, Mr Plumbean’s manner of sitting when being confronted by his neighbour and the circular void surrounding the seagull, resembling van Gogh’s Starry Night. I know it is a lot to ask but could you please clarify the meaning of these elements. It would be an absolute honour to receive a response and I hope you consider my request.

Thank you,

Laura principato.  

Daniel replies:

It is a strange coincidence that you ask these questions. I am just now up to approximately page 500 of my work-in-progress provisionally titled A READER'S GUIDE TO THE BIG ORANGE SPLOT. I anticipate that it will take another year to finish, and will run to about 600 pages. In this book I explain the symbolism, give an account of influences beginning with ancient Egypt, the socio-political aspects, and most interestingly, events in world history and the book's influence upon them since 1973. Naturally, time and space do not permit an attempt to answer your excellent questions in this forum. I suggest you ask the authorities at whatever school you attend to postpone your senior year, excuse you from attendance, and allow you to come back in, say, two years, (allowing time for my book to be published, and for you to digest its contents and complete your own paper). If I may recommend a course of action, doing physical work outdoors, such as on a farm, might be a good way to spend the time. Thank you for your interest in my humble artistic production.