Abi Murthy

November 9, 1999

Post #980 – 19991109

Dear Daniel,

I wrote to you several months ago, c/o the weekend ‘all things considered’ since that the only link that I could find to you in cyberspace then. I never heard back from you- and hence the conspiracy theory.

We are all big fans of Larry, esp. my 5 1/2 year old son, Dhruv. Our biggest problem is now that we seem to have lost our much loved copy of ‘The Wallpaper From Space’ and now we live in the alien-land of UK where they go ‘Pink who?’.

Please write more books for the younger audience.

abi murthy, Dhruv’s Mom and also a fan.

Daniel replies:

They go ""Pink who?"" in this alien land also. Are you the Mrs. Murthy in whose chowder overalls were once found? I have no connection with _Weekend All Things Considered_. I have delivered commentary on _WeekDAY All Things Considered_ for some 13 years, and I also discuss books on _Weekend Edition Saturday_, and sometimes a piece of mine is repeated on _Weekly Edition_--(NPR is becoming known for week programming)--but those are USA programs, and you claim to be in the UK. Are they heard there? If so, why do they say ""Pink who?"" besides that it's fun to do so? Am I not famous and beloved like I deserve? Of the roughly 80 books of mine floating around at least a third are for young young kids.

P.S. If you're looking for books, prowl around this site. Some internet booksellers are mentioned somewhere...and there's UK amazon.com