Chaya Coppersmith

October 20, 1999

Post #966 – 19991020

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I really like your books. When I was little, The Big Orange Splot was my favorite book. I also read Fat Men from Space. Now I am in 5th grade and I had to read a science fiction book for my class and do a book report. I read Borgel. I liked it alot. My teacher wants us to make a travel brochure to show the setting of the book. I am going to make a brochure to travel through time, space and the other on the Interstate. I am going to show the root beer stand, the Blue Moon Cafe, etc. and show the kinds of creatures you might meet, Grivnizoids, Fleshopods, apes, etc. I would like to include a picture of you and say a traveler might even meet you. I could put some of your biography in that way. Can you post a picture? Thank you very much.

Chaya Coppersmith, P.S. 45, Staten Island, NY

Oops! After I wrote my request for a photo I found the photo gallery. So now I have a picture for my brochure. But I thought of another question:

where is your favorite place in time, space and the other?

Chaya –

P.S. I read about your horse. Trotolope is the gait my 23 year old pony uses when she is too lazy to canter.

Daniel replies:

Ummm. Good question. I tend not to have permanent favorites, but categories of favorites and favorites of the moment. At this moment, my favorite place in time, space and the other is Mozart's Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra. However, tomorrow, my favorite place in time, space and the other could be a reticulated giraffe, but I would still like the Mozart very much.