Middles Green

October 7, 1999

Post #944 – 19991007

Dear Mr. Pinkwater

We are a 3rd – 4th grade class from G.C.S. We are called Middles Green. We’ve bean reading your HCE book. We are making a giant chicken out of paper mache. And are feeding the chicken pennies to make it weigh 266 lb.. We would like to that you for the inspiration. When out chicken weighs 266 lb. we are going to take out the pennies and give them to Unicef. The teachers are reading and acting out the whole book at our All-School.

We’d love it if there was any way you could some visit us and our chicken. We do the show on Wednesdays but we could change that to any day you could come.

P.S. You could wear your chicken outfit if you want.

Daniel replies:

I no longer visit....chickens.