Jesse Rossa

October 2, 1999

Post #940 – 19991002

Yobgorgle… the legend, the myth, the reality. I can’t tell you how weird it was to be a tot, a youth, a small person reading Yobgorgle (and Lizard Music, and Alan Mendelsohn, and etc.), and realize that possibly the world was even stranger than you could imagine. And all because Pinkwater could imagine it. I have longed for a library like the Rochester one all my life, and some really good chili too. And this is not to even begin to mention the Worms of Kukumlima…. sheer genius at work. Warping young minds for twenty years, and counting.

Daniel replies:

There's always talk about me (or my work) ""warping"" young minds. I want to say that it was never my intention to warp anybody else's mind, just to warp mine (more). If somebody else got warped, of course I'm glad, but it's just a by-product. Besides, it's pretty clear we live in a warped society...look at the Presidential candidates, for example...what is it when you warp a mind that's already warped or destined for warpage? unwarp? meta-warp? overwarp? It doesn't matter. It was never my intention. What I wanted to do was wrap young minds.