September 29, 1999

Post #938 – 19990929


I guess now you know you are in trouble. Much in the same way I feel when one of my clients calls me Buzzy.

Anyway- first heard you in your current guise when living in SF at the beginning of the decade during the construction depression. Driving over the Bay Bridge listening to you was great fun. At first I wondered if Daniel was you. But the longer I listened the less question there was. The only one that remains is which came first?

Best regards from Susanna and myself (our 27 year old son missed out on you).

Daniel replies:

There were two principal German terror weapons used in World War Two. One was a rocket which was long and graceful, and the other, was the well known exploding robot plane, which was smaller and stubbier, sort of a boxy buzzbomb.

Jill and I often talk about the set of carpeted bleachers you built in your New York apartment. I recall they were made of a series of boxes, and did not get talked about in fashionable Manhattan society, and thus did not become a popular item of decor. No buzz, about those boxes, and they bombed.