Ben Rose

September 24, 1999

Post #936 – 19990924

Hello there oh great Jelly donut

I have read Nifkin again and all five novels

you have helped me get past some depression

I have suffered from depression in my life. Prozac did not help. I have found something that does. But better than any drug, Oh Captain my Captain, is an infusion of Pinkwater literature. I recomend you highly to all who would find salvation from this dreaded mental illness.

Ben The Librarian

Daniel replies:

I took a drug that was supposed to alleviate depression, and it made me fat. Later, thinking it over, I stopped taking the drug, and just continued to get fat. This has worked pretty well. If you suffer from depression, I would suggest potato pancakes, cooked in that new cholesterol-reducing margarine, and brisk walks outdoors, followed by more potato pancakes. Those who can read, may read my books of course, if they feel it helps.