Debra Schaeffer

September 21, 1999

Post #933 – 19990921

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My son, daughter and I have been fans of yours ever since we discovered The Big Orange Splot. (You did write that book, didn’t you? There can’t possibly be another Daniel Pinkwater!) Anyway, yours has been a household name since too long ago to remember. My son is utterly addicted to your book, Five Novels, and I love your little conversations with Scott Simon.

You have turned us on to some great books. But I have one concern – How could you have missed the poetry of Shel Silverstein. All kids in the past twenty years have grown up on a steady diet of his poems. (I would have asked this question sooner, except that it took this long to get around to finding your web site.)

Last, I would love to visit you in the Hudson River Valley. We are up that way quite frequently, as we have friends in Palisades, NY. Do you ever accept visitors? Also, would you consider a visit to my elementary school in January when we have our millennium reading celebration?

Most sincerely yours,

Debra Schaeffer

Spring House, PA

Daniel replies:

It was easy to miss the poetry of Shel Silverstein. You'd be surprised what else I've missed. You'd be welcome to visit, but there's the consideration of insurance, and the rotteweilers, and the attack-chimps, and the man-traps, and the specially-trained fungii. Best to stick to the internet posts.