Espe Gunheim

September 21, 1999

Post #931 – 19990921

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

I’m from Spain and I had never heard about you ’til last Sunday, September 10, 1999, on my way to do groceries at Costco. You left me in a hot car listening to your story about a woman with an old Golden Retriever who initially was meant to be her daughter’s. It fit me perfectly. I thought it was me and my “Ole” (name of my golden), but it only got better when you starting mixing the norwegian fish, lute fisk, since my husband is norwegian and I absolutely hate fish in general, but specially that one.

I’m sure people were looking at me laughing inside that hot car. Thank you and keep on making and mixing things up, it’s very possible you’re getting close to somebody’s life no matter how crazy it may sound to others.

My dog Ole is 12 years old (like my daughter) and in good health right now, but when the time comes, I may think on that lute fisk.

Good health to you too.

Daniel replies:

You've got me confused with that dialect comedian who tells stories about lutefisk. What an honor. Not your're from Barcelona. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.