M. Bregman

September 5, 1999

Post #921 – 19990905

Dear Daniel,

Love listening to your show! You have given me many ideas for wonderful new books to give as gifts to my friends’ children. I especially liked the one about “the ink-drinking vampire?” …or something like that!

Could you help me out here? I can’t remember the proper title, but it was about a young boy who helped out around a book store. As he was sweeping the floor one day, he saw a strange man walk into the store. The man appeared to drink the letters right off the book pages. The boy followed him home, and got bit by the man. The boy went back to the store, with an insatiable love of books, drinking the print in the pages right off the pages, as fast as he could, etc…..

Great little book. Since it is close to Halloween – it should make a wonderful gift for my friend’s 6 yr old boy.

Your assistance in locating the book is greatly appreciated!


M. Bregman

Daniel replies:

That's The Ink Drinker, published by Bantam Doubleday Dell Random House Mitsubishi. If you can find it (try cattermole.com) you can also consider Wempires by my humble self, (Macmillan, I think).