John D. Craig

August 8, 1999

Post #902 – 19990808

Hello, Over the past years I have heard you telling great stories about food. I rember one about sausages(Chicago style of course) and some stripmall eatery that really thrilled you. How would it be possable to hear these again or obtain copies. i have wanted to follow the culinary path you described; thought it could make a fun road trip. Thanks for everything!


Daniel replies:

If you eat all the stuff I write about you will probably die. The guy with the Chicago-style hot dog stand He ate what he sold. I have eaten maybe a total of 50 of the things in my whole life, and when I lived in Chicago, fewer than a dozen. Here is a good sandwich that will not cause your death:

  • Tofu Pup (tm), or any soy-vegetarian hot dog, grilled.
  • Bun
  • Slice of kosher, half-sour, or deli-pickle
  • Slices of nice tomato
  • Red onion, slices or chopped
  • Mustard AND catsup
  • Celery salt

Assemble and eat'll see.