Walter Hogan

August 3, 1999

Post #898 – 19990803

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Please, who is Ken Kelman? And if he is a real person, did he actually have authorial involvement in The Confessions of Pinkwater?

Regarding Sherlock Holmes — First, I recently came across your wife’s book The Disappearance of Sister Perfect, which, your fans and hers may be interested in hearing, has a Sherlockian angle. A couple of things I especially liked about that book: the bag lady who wouldn’t leave without her parakeet, and the unremittant, unrepentent nastiness of Myra. I loved it that Myra didn’t undergo a phony transformation into a nice person.

Last, many of your fans may also be unaware that you wrote a hilarious Sherlock Holmes spoof, “Journal of a Ghurka Physician,” for Marvin Kaye’s Sherlockian anthology, The Game is Afoot (St. Martin’s, 1994.) I think it’s one of your most brilliant pieces. Have you done any other short stories for books edited by others?


Walter Hogan

Daniel replies:

1. He wrote it, if that's what you mean. 2. Jill is greater than I. 3. No.