Jeff L.

July 27, 1999

Post #894 – 19990727

> how’d you manage to name one of your characters (Hodi macBodhi) after a line out of one of his nonsense songs?

After a small bit of unpaid research, I surprisingly found that you can hear this song on the internet, it’s on the album by Slim Gaillard called “Laughing In Rhythm,” and the song track 8, called “Laughing In Rhythm,” and there’s a RealAudio clip on the website, in which you can clearly hear him say (recorded around the “turn of the 1950s,” they claim) say “Hodi MacBodhi” (although it sounds a bit more like “hoti mac body” to me, but then I hear the word “Tao” is pronounced more as if we would spell it “Dao”, so that may work both ways.

The album’s at:

Or you can jump directly to the song at: B0000046T6001008/002-9751612-6393222

— Jeff L.

PS: Haha, fooled you, I made all that up, I suspect the earlier poster did as well, and Slim Gaillard is completely fictional.

Daniel replies:

Nobody is _completely_ fictional. In Latin, Hodie would be pronounced ho-dee-ay, and it means ""today?""