Charles Bricker

January 16, 2011

Post #873 – 20110116

Something interesting occurred since last I wrote. I grew three inches vertically. I am the same weight as before but it is much more well proportioned and I look incredibly muscular and fit instead of fat.

Another thing of note…I am a fanatic about vegetable soup. I make it all the time and go to various markets to spend my allowance money on fresh vegetables. Lately I have found that arugula and parsnips add something to the quality of the soup.

Finally I met a young lady my age who is into yoga. We go to Lincoln Park on Sundays at 6 AM to do yoga. However this week she is out of town at a wedding so I decided to do the yoga at home.

I thank you so much for your advice and help.

PS Why do you treat the Chicago Dog with such veneration? I still do not get that. The things do no9t cause heart attacks or anything like that. They are simply beyond delicious.


Daniel replies:

And yet, you do not seem to make the connection--your physical transformation, and the fact that the hot dogs have not caused your heart to attack you, both obviously from your consumption of vegetable soup. The young lady you only see doing yoga in the park may be a supernatural being, or vegetable-soup-spirit, protecting you from the hot dogs. Parsnips, eh? I will look into it.