Tom Allum

May 25, 1999

Post #862 – 19990525

I am interested in locating a list of your recordings available on C/D or cassette. Is there a reference list available and a location to purchase them? I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Daniel replies:

There are a few out-of-print tapes around from NPR, some from a sleazy outfit called Dove Audio, who don't send out royalty statements, and maybe one, also o-o-p from Bantam. In other words, for most purposes, there aren't any. I plan to discuss this with a publisher, but you have to go very slow or their brains overheat. Meanwhile, people whose local public radio stations carry ""Chinwag Theater"" have been taping rare, out-of-print, and unpublished stuff of mine for over a year. Tell your station to get it for you--doesn't cost them a cent.