Jesse Imbach

May 25, 1999

Post #857 – 19990525

I was just listening to the download version of this weeks CarTalk when I learned of your existence via Tom and Ray’s snide comments. While I was wondering just who you were, you were so good as to phone in. I wanted to say thank you. You were great fun to listen to. So I went online to Yahoo, typed in your name and your unofficial web site popped up. What a hoot! I must say, I really appreciate both your humor and your corpulence (I hit the CarTalk page and saw you in the black bimmer! What a neat photo) . Have a great day!

Daniel replies:

I think that picture of me and Jacques in the BMW (735i 1985) is on this website too. I just sold it yesterday. I want something even roomier. I have a 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Turbodiesel station wagon, and that is very nice. If someone had an even more perfect one than mine, I would consider buying it, or maybe one of those SDL models, great big land yachts.