Claudia Arkush

April 16, 1999

Post #827 – 19990416

I have been trying to obtain Fish Whistle on tape with no luck. I then got less particular and tried to get ANYTHING on tape. tried to be helpful and searched for out of print audio tapes, got a few leads but they all fell through.

Listening to you during my oh so boring commute would make me feel greatly enriched.

Any chance of re-issuing?

Claudia Arkush

Daniel replies:

Charity Nebbe and I have discussed issuing cassettes and CDs for sale, under the Chinwag Theater label. The fact is, we don't have the time to make all the arrangements, secure necessary copyrights and permissions, and fill the orders. There are only two of us doing a national radio program, heard on 50 stations, (so far). If someone recorded every program, even starting now, a year into the life of the show, they would wind up with most of my fiction, and most of the recycled radio pieces. I understand it's possible to program your video tape recorder to tape from your FM radio receiver, if you're not home when Chinwag Theater comes on. If your local public radio station doesn't carry it yet--simply get everyone you know to join you in writing to the Program Director, demanding it.

This is the best I can do, unless your commute is somewhere around where I live. Then you could pay me to ride in the car and read to you.