Melony Marie Turnbull

November 7, 1998

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Dear Mr. Daniel Pinkwater,

Hi My name is Melony and I’m a student at Worth Heights Elementry school. Your probably wondering why I’m writing the letter to you. Well it is really because I would like for you to come to our school. Thursday we are celebrating your birthday and we also celebrate it every year and it is because we really admire your books. Last year we had over 100 students enter your party. I heard you were very ill and you might not be able to but I hope you feel good and come to your party. My favorite book of yours is Fat Men From Space it was really interesting the best part was when william shock him self that was really funny. Well thats all I wanted to tell you. Thank you very much.

P.S. My name is Melony Marie Turnbull age ten 4th grade.


Melony Marie Turnbull

Daniel replies:

I only have the flu! But it is bad. And I am very delicate. So I will not go anywhere, and will celebrate my birthday in bed, with a large chocolate cake, and the dogs are allowed to get into bed with me on my birthday, so it will be a lot of fun. We will also have large glasses of cherry soda-pop. And barbeque-flavor potato chips. And I will put the stereo speakers in the bed. No need to feel sorry for me--I know how to have a good time, even when I'm, sick.