Randy Cooper

October 21, 1998

Post #763 – 19981021

I am nearly desperate to find a copy of “the wuggie norple story”. Please help me.

Daniel replies:

Can't help you, Randy. We are in short supply of everything. You have two choices:

1.) pay a lot to a rare book dealer or

2.) Keep an eye out...you'll find a copy in a bookstore at list price or less.

In many cases, when publishers decide to dump a book because it's not making obscene profits, there are some hundreds or thousands left. These they sell off to a jobber at drastically reduced price, (having first failed to notify the author that he can pick up some copies of his own book for pennies). These books are floating around somewhere, for sale.

In the same week, I have heard from people who paid over a hundred, and less than ten dollars for the same book.