Brad Sondahl

October 7, 1998

Post #753 – 19981007

I think it is possible the internet connects several (probably 11, possibly more) universes. I read Draynen’s post, and felt compelled to respond. I sent a message to and the mail bounced back. Is it possible some of your fans are fictional? Not likely. Parallel universe? Obviously. My source for the kosher deli was impeccable–an ad in the KPBX public radio monthly magazine. Even though it can’t be pecked, it could have been a deal which went awry. I can’t walk into Auntie’s to check because it’s a three hour drive. It is possible that in my universe there is a kosher Islamic deli, while in Draynen’s there is only a McTavish’s. At any rate I’m seeking copyright to my universe so I can live off the royalties.

Daniel replies:

I see no reason why my fans shouldn't be fictional. I am.