Jeffrey R. Broido

October 4, 1998

Post #751 – 19981004

To Our Captain and Yenta:

Daniel, let me be the first to bring you the refulgent news. Barbara Sullivan (“Xenobia” late of GEnie) and yours truly, Jeff Broido (“The Bomber” late of GEnie) are engaged to be married, not to mention living together in New Jersey, a scant 32 miles due West of Hoboken. Barbara and I have both been enthusiastic fans of yours for years. She was collecting your books, you were collecting her porcelain tchatchkes. I was making the renowned Pinkwater Sound Bite sets for Windows. She had a Mac. I helped her transform the Windows sounds into Mac format. We met. We fell in love. We’re getting married. All other details are unimportant, but we owe it all to you. Consider yourself invited to the wedding whenever that may be. Bring Jill and as many dogs as are practical. We will not be serving cornmeal pancakes at the reception, but there will copious quantities of ratatouille.



Daniel replies:

Barbara and Jeff -- I take no responsibility, but wish you the very best and most and coolest, and all of that.