Brad Sondahl

September 3, 1998

Post #738 – 19980903

I couldn’t agree with you more. Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane (a fabulous openspaced bookstore to be in, in case you do a book tour) just opened an Islamic kosher cafe. When I mentioned this to my son, he said he’d be nervous to eat there because of the Jihad. My response was to assure him that a goodly share of the world is Islamic, and most of them have nothing but good feelings towards us Americans.

The point of my Islamic fundamentalist extremist zombie joke lay in the nuances of the awkward statement of the journalist, which would lead one to believe that the leader was protected by people who had already died (thus zombies).

I do feel that fundamentalist extremists of all religions need to lighten up a bit…I’m glad you visited my site. Although I have no poetry tips, a few poems do reside in my world of literature page.

If I figure out how to evict them, the world may be a better place.

Brad Sondahl

Daniel replies:

Yes! Let's put the _fun_ back into fundamentalism!