Brad Sondahl

August 31, 1998

Post #735 – 19980831

I was listening to an NPR reporter recently, who explained that the purported mastermind of the embassy bombings was difficult to attack, because he was surrounded by militant Islamic fundamentalists, including some who have given their lives to the cause. Is this scarry or what? How can you fight militant Islamic fundamentalist zombies? I thought you’d better hear of this, since you mentioned a possible zombie addition to the Snark books. Glad to hear about the upcoming Robert Nifkin book. The title echoes The Education of Little Tree, an interesting book you may be unfamiliar with. Also, I’ve noticed that actual email addresses and websites included in these mailings get deleted. This is unfortunate, since part of being a Pinkwater fan could be going to sites of fellow devotees. For instance, at my site, I have the text for a novel I wrote called The Dorkelson’s Tabloid Vacation. However, if no Pinkwater fans ever read it, how can I be unfavorably compared with you?

Daniel replies:

I don't know what you're talking about. I visited your website. I read some of your pottery tips, (thinking at first they were poetry tips--which they might work as); I read the first page of your novel; all very nice.

Some of the finest people I have met are Muslims. Imagine how embarrassing for them, those relatively few terrorists. Complicated.