Wayne Milkshake

November 2, 2017

Post #4483 – 20171102

Don’t get me wrong, there are hundreds of books and authors I love. Alan Mendelsohn is the one I have reread the most times. It’s my favorite book. I’m 47 so I’m sure I read it when it first came out. You should issue a t-shirt of the original cover art.

As a pre-YA book about alienation (in every sense I suppose) it was destined not to find the large audience of many of your other books. It’s an adult book. To a chronic outsider like me it covers everything. It shaped my worldview. I hesitate before recommending it because I still try to pass as normal.

I never thought to visit your site til now. Next I head over to Audiobooks and learn whether fleegix has a hard or soft “g.”

Daniel replies:

Don't get me wrong either.  I'm ashamed of none of my books.  Well, almost none.  In some way I don't understand, they all seem to be authentic.  However, a few years ago while recovering from surgery I tried reading some of my own long fiction, and Alan Mendelsohn was the one that seemed to have the most mistakes and failures.  I understand it's your favorite, and also the favorite of many...I just wish I had been a better writer when I wrote it.