Herman A. Kensky,M.D.

September 17, 2017

Post #4466 – 20170917

Dear Sir,
I am an avid listener to NPR including WESAT. It was there that I became enamored by your conversations with Scott Simon.
Our daughter and son-in-law have recently published a book for children, due out April 2018.
It deals with the role of a service dog in their recovery from surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing.
Resurrecting your discussion with Mr. Simon in order to bring this work to the attention of those who might enjoy/ appreciate/ benefit from it would be a dream come true for me .
With best wishes.
Herman A. Kensky,M.A. , M.D.

Daniel replies:

Dear Dr.

I regret that after 14 years of doing them, the deciders at NPR decided to stop running our enjoyable (for us) book discussions.  I then went and did something similar with news-great Bob Edwards on satellite radio for a couple of years, but the deciders at the satellite network decided they had accumulated enough of those discussions, and could just rerun them without making more.  Having broadcast on a network other than NPR, I am now cursed and shunned according to ancient folkways and tradition, so there can be no resurrecting. Sorry I cannot make your dream come true.  It sounds like a very fine book